ceo/founder altariq hannah

      8 Squad Rebel Radio / All City Media is a New Jersey based Internet Radio Station with  World-Wide reach. Located in the heart of every City, Airing initially on October 4 of 2013, as 8 Squad Radio a weekly talk show broadcast on Friday nights as part of Live365/Non Fiction Radio line up for more than two years. The growth of the segment warranted expansion so in December 2015, Altariq Hannah founded the company that is known today as 8 Squad Rebel Radio L.L.C & All City Media L.L.C. What started as a small weekly segment was transformed into 8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media, a 24 hour 7 days a week fully operational broadcasting station airing weekly talk shows design for a multitude of people from the church community to the club community, from people in the work force to home bodies, for those in relationships or those that are single we have something for everyone.


      8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media focuses on all Genre's of Music. Bringing back to the airwaves Songs and Artists mainstream radio has neglected. Yet that doesn't in no way mean or should be implied that we turn a blind eye to the new generation of artist. 8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media also proudly provide a platform for Local, Independent and Up and Coming artist who in some cases would have no other outlet to present their art. 8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media has pledged to commit to its Community, it's Community Issues and concerns and address them in a uplifting and realistic atmosphere.

      8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media knows that Classic Hip-Hop, Old School R&B & Gospel Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and serves as a reminder to us, to give this positive influence to the younger Generation. By maintaining a Consistent Presence in the Community, 8 Squad Rebel Radio & All City Media is able to reach the Parents of the youth as well as the youth that populate our City Streets.



(Hey Sissssss)

     S.O.S (Saving our Sista's) isn't your average Podcast.  Our Mission is to

help, heal, understand and listen to our fellow Sista's! We want to be a safe space for anyone to get advice & help on their life's journey! We are two fearless & confident women who believe in uplifting and empowering others! Our show is filled with laughs, cries and lots of Talent! Tune in!  



      Over 35 Years in the Entertainment Business Radio Producer, Record Company President, Event Planner, Party Promoter, I Had the Knowledge to make anything in the Entertainment Business happen. Looking forward to bringing 8 Squad Rebel Radio into the next Dimension. Co-Producer of the Red Alert Rap Show 98.7 Kiss FM for over 10 Years. President of Stricktly Street Records, Manager of the underground R&B Group Swing, Plus help many artist today become Successful.